Tuesday, 19. July 2005

Form Music Garage Sale

Here's your chance to buy some FORM MUSIC gear, that makes you look good.
You can purchase the following items from now on for a short period of time.

  • Form Music Package
    Contains: T-Shirt (royal blue or black), Almanac CD and a set of Buttons.
    30 CHF | 25€

  • T-Shirt
    Choose from royal blue or black
    20 CHF | 15 €

  • Almanac CD
    12 CHF | 10 €
T-Shirt Sizes are M & L. Add a few €'s for postage and packaging.
To order, please send an email to the FORM MUSIC SHOP with details on quantity and sizes. We will get back to you shortly.

We're sorry, but the FORM MUSIC iPod case can not be purchased.

Thursday, 7. July 2005

Everything in It's Right Place

Final presentation today at 09.00 am.
Wish us luck!

Monday, 4. July 2005

This Book is About Words

The printed version of our documentation.
143 pages. 5 copies. 2 different styles of paper. 1 hole.
You can download a PDF here.

Since saturday we have been structuring and preparing our documents for the public presentation which will be held this thursday, july 7th, 09.00am.

Saturday, 2. July 2005

The Real Deal

You've been able to see it at the graduation show since yesterday, now it's online:

The FORM MUSIC website.

Friday, 1. July 2005

Take Your Shoes off and I'll Throw Them in the Lake

Thanks to Erin's glorious dedication, we finally finished the FORM MUSIC website. And looking back to where we started it just looks lovely.

If the printer-gods are with us today, Mrs. Cannotpostnamehere will deliver the printed Almanac-packagings this morning. She shifted the deadline twice, because she bought the wrong colour for the silk-screen print, she accidentally called us thinking we were somebody else &c &c … not the kind of professional printer you are looking for … fingers crossed all things are going to be in place today!

Opening of the graduation show will be tonight at 5:00pm and we still got loads of stuff to do.

More updates later this afternoon.

Slanted, a german magazine for typographic culture just linked us this morning. Thank you, Angela.

Thursday, 30. June 2005

Door Opens Both Ways

Working on the design of our booth at the graduation show.

The opening of the show will be tomorrow, July 1st at 5:00pm.

You will be able to play with the website, listen to the music and see the rest of the visual identity of FORM MUSIC.

During the show, you will also have the opportunity to get hold of our FORM MUSIC package containing a T-Shirt and a few surprises.

Tuesday, 28. June 2005

Almanac Artwork

Final Artwork of Volume I of the FORM MUSIC ALMANAC.

Just submitted the last files to Erin, while he is about to implement them.

Monday, 27. June 2005

Business Cards

Just received 400 businesscards from our printer.

More updates later…busy…

Thursday, 23. June 2005

Rotate and Slide

Thanks to Hartmut Bohnacker we found somebody to help us with crazy maths in flash. He developed two of our essential ideas of the soon to be finished website and we love it.
Thanks again for the dedication.

You may have guessed from the time this entry was posted, we are in the last phase of the diploma.
We still got eight days to go until the graduation show will open it's doors.

To-do list for the next eight days:
  • Collect all the finished products from our printers and get it ready for the diploma show
  • Finish design of letterhead and envelope
  • Develop and design the documentation. (More details soon)
  • Develop concept and design for the graduation show
  • Develop concept and design a poster series for the show
  • etc etc etc
From the 1st of July on, we'll have to work on the presentation which will take place at the vortragsaal of the HGKZ on July, 7th from 9.00am - 1:00pm.

The presentation will be held publicly, so if you want to come you are warmly welcome.
For those of you who are not able to come, we will have a little surprise. Soon to be announced.

Tuesday, 21. June 2005

Emma Bu(n)tton

The 200 button-badges ordered in the UK were just received in Munich. Little Emma couldn't resist and sports them even while asleep.

We are currently working on business cards, CD artwork and CD label. Final designs (print-deadline tomorrow) will be posted soon.

The site is also getting better and better. Thumbs up to Erin!
If your interested in the development, you can download it here.

The Neutral Typeface by Kai Bernau will be on display tomorrow at the KAKB in La Hague. Check out Letterlabor's website that has all the information you need to know. Relaunch is imminent!

Saturday, 18. June 2005

The FORM MUSIC Almanac

An essential part of the visual identity is the CD-series, which allows Mark to send out one every three months to potential clients.
So, Form Music will release four compilations each year.

We're going to use transparent CD-jackets wich are currently being printed with the graphic shapes of the FM identity. The booklets will contain information about the Form Music licensing services as well as a list of the artists and songs on the CD.

Check out the gallery

The origin of serie's name «Almanac» is explained here.

Friday, 17. June 2005

Section Design Rev III

The latest layout-revision of the website is now online.

Change log:

  • Better legibility
  • Better over-all structure
  • Link colour revision
  • Width of text boxes now in music media proportions

Poster Contribution for Letterlabor

This poster (70x100) was designed today for Kai Bernau's graduation project:
The Neutral Typeface.

Wednesday, 15. June 2005

What you see is what you [might] get

The University of Applied Sciences, Zurich prints about 20.000 inviations for the diploma show each year. The exhibition covers all graduation works from graphic design to film to fine arts &c.

The invitation of this year's diploma show [July 1st—14th] was so awful that we had to take actions and print our design over the existing.
I think it's a bit more personal now ;-)

Tomorrow, we are going to post them to a number of friends.
If you are interested in getting one, leave your address in the comments or send us an e-mail.

Tuesday, 14. June 2005

FORM MUSIC Almanac Vol. I

Here's the tracklist of FORM MUSIC's first edition of the seasonal compilation «The FORM MUSIC Almanac».

This series is an essential part of the identity and meant as a send-out to potential and existing clients to provide an insight in the competence of FORM MUSIC's / Vertical Form's musicians and composers.

  • 01 State River Widening Cottonwood from Cottonhead
  • 02 Mike Fellows All Wang Heavily from Limited Storyline Guest
  • 03 Kim Hiorthøy Politiska Dikten Återvänder from Hei
  • 04 Corker/Conboy Kite from In Light Of That Learnt Later
  • 05 David Grubbs Knight Errant from A Guess at the Riddle
  • 06 Sixtoo Perfect Wednesday from Antagonist Survival Kit Instrumental
  • 07 Mcenroe Dumb It Down (feat. YY) from 5 Years in the Factory
  • 08 Pan American 2 Streams from Pro Bono Publico
  • 09 Smyglyssna Foaming Prairie Remix from We Can Fix It: Remixes
  • 10 Einóma Á Floti from Milli Tonverka
All tracks were published on Vertical Form.

We are currently working on all four artworks for this compilation. One artwork for each season. Four CDs each year.


by the D and Seb

About sampler

This site is part of a diploma by The D and Seb in Graphic-Design at the University of Applied Sciences, Zurich.

Together with Mark Kirby from Vertical Form we are developing a visual identity for a sideline of Vertical Form called Form Music which will provide music consultancy, supervision and licensing solutions to the TV, film and advertising industries.

Sampler is here to make communication between him and us a lot easier. We hope that every important step concerning our work will be comprehensible.

Feel free to comment!

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